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call out fake news

22 Aug call out fake news

It is stillthere!!?? Straddle Bus Goes for Test Drive.This is news aboutChina’s double decker bus that is designed in a way so that bus willdrive over other passenger cars mostly, not sure what happens when itencounters 18 wheelers or regular city bus or any other large sizevehicles. Hasn’t this proven something of a joke already? It wasreported that people made this mock-up, not really operable in anysense, had no intention of having it driven on actual city street.Other questions also came up like how to go under foot-bridges or howlong its battery will last? Apparently it is battery operated, noengine of any kind? This mock-up was just shown to mostly mediapeople interested in coming to gawk at it and few people who climbedaboard its spacious passenger area. China is truly bigcountry and nothing coming out of it will surprise me, joke oractually real. It is real that there is state sponsored cyber spyunit operating in China that routinely hack into United State’s orEuropean companies or any other company or state agencies it sees asworth their effort. I can believe that. After all China is acommunist country. When hell bent communist county hierarchy decideto do something it gets done no matter how crazy they are. Right?That itself is interesting point but that’s not I am talking abouthere. It is about supposedly free and democratic county’s news mediathat are not pressured into posting news they don’t deem appropriate,accurate or news worthy. Somehow moral center of these newsorganization has shifted in digital age. They don’t seem to checkwhat they post online is true or not any more. Reportingnon-deceptive, undistorted and verifiable news were their pride,wasn’t it in old times, which isn’t that old at all to me, merely fewdecades old, right?
Maybe just this newsmedia site where once posted tend to stay there for a long time, indigital online sense of time, and ones posted don’t get rechecked atall for their validity. In the mean time people associated with thissite, I mean people of same company, go around how proud of theirwork and act as if they are prime mover of society. How deep thisshabby presentation of information, attitude associated with it online, go? People working in other news department anywhere away fromdigital online site, how much different are they in terms of theirintegrity, honor, dignity and all that? I wonder. There is no doubtnews are now appreciated for more sensational value than before. Idon’t think this changes just because news is reported elsewhere,away from website, I mean. News media people get lot of attentionthat way, don’t they?
Thank for speed ofinternet news reporting. False ones get called out soon after, muchsooner than ever before possible. It is sort of sporting to watchwhat happens next and how they make up for silly mistakes they made,try to fix it, if try to fix it at all.


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