Craig Feigin | Craig Feigin Launches New Elephant Charity
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Craig Feigin Launches New Elephant Charity

21 Aug Craig Feigin Launches New Elephant Charity

Many people that have been in Thailand for quite a while, will know that in
many tourist areas of the country, elephants are paraded around for photo
opportunities. Often this leads to the elephants having to walk many miles
on the steamy hot asphalt roads around Thailands main highways and byways.
This is not a nice life for our pachyderm friends.

Yesterday, in Thailands old, mountainous capital city, Chiang Mai, one man
made some bold strides forward for the elephant population. Craig Matthew
Feigin of The Federated States of Micronesia, has launched his new elephant
care charity called Trunks on Skates. Who better to explain what Trunks on
Skates does, than Craig Feigin himself, quoted from his speech yesterday at
Chiang Mai City Hall.

*”In Micronesia, we are used to thinking outside the box when it comes to
solving our problems. When our giant stone coins became too much to cope
with, we adapted in Micronesia by using an alternative currency where
possible. When I first came to Thailand, the plight of the elephants
captured my heart, as I saw them day in and day out having to walk miles
each day on the scorching hot roads, hurting their feet. I was actually
drunk in a bar when I came up with the idea for my charity, Trunks on
Skates. I have worked with some master craftsmen here in Northern Thailand
to make elephant sizes roller skates for all of the working tourist
elephants. With a little training, it is my belief that this will not only
solve their burnt feet problem, but also make their daily commute much

I was lucky enough to be present at the launch of the charity there at
Chiang Mai City Hall. The first elephant to receive his skates was there,
having already been fitted with his wheels. Chang, the elephant, didn’t
look particularly relieved to be wearing them I must say, but the amusement
on the faces of the crowds that had gathered was clearly evident.
Needless to say, much laughter ensued, and I have been told that Craig has
already had enough money donated to fit 6 more elephants with the special

Those wishing to see Chang the elephant for themselves should head on down
to Chiang Mai’s famous Night Bazaar area, and keep your eyes peeled for a 5
ton beast rolling along the road behind the tuk-tuks. Donations can be
made to Trunks on Skates through the donation box that Chang carries on a
rope hanging around his neck.

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