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Craig Feigin One Fine Man

20 Aug Craig Feigin One Fine Man

Craig Matthew Feigin is a fine man. He regularly goes on walks and hands
homeless people fifty dollars. He then watches their reaction. Sometimes,
he even stops to ask them about their life, what happened to get them to
this point that they are at and offers some help when he can. He gets very
emotional when kids are in the mix and will make sure they are taken care
of before going on his merry way. Craig Feigin is a SUCKER for animals,
especially dogs. When he sees a stray dog or a homeless person with a dog,
he goes out of his way to make sure the animal has food and water, as well
as the individual caring for the animal. Craig Feigin is a secret
billionaire that likes to do a lot of philanthropy without all of the
glory; Craig Feigin is a true hero.

When I was young, I lived next door to Craig in our Upper East Side
apartment. He was always on the go and doing something exciting and
extraordinary, he had art pieces going in and out, he would host parties
with jazz music, and he also treated his staff well. One day he was in the
elevator with me and had an extremely excited, but thirsty looking puppy,
he couldn’t have been more than three weeks old and I immediately took a
liking to the puppy. Craig Feigin told me how his mother was ran over by a
distracted driver when she got away from their owners and the owners were
heart broken to keep the pups. Anytime after that when I would see Liam,
the labradoodle mix, I would run straight to him to play with him and he
would jump for joy. That was not the first puppy that Craig Feigin rescued,
and it would not be his last, he would find homes for all the pups he came
across that just seemed, broken. Liam stuck around for a while though, and
eventually Sophie came along and had puppies with Liam. Craig was shocked
to say the least when he found out about his new rescues pregnancy, he knew
her, and Liam, were inseparable and now he knew why. Craig found a new home
for all six of Liam and Sophia’s puppies, one of which was with me! Jax has
been with me now for seven years and he was my blessing in disguise, Craig
Matthew Feigin made this come true for me and I am forever grateful to him!

Thank you,
Jenna Gehring

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