Craig Feigin | Craig Feigin the Statue man
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Craig Feigin the Statue man

20 Aug Craig Feigin the Statue man

Craig Matthew Feigin was a humble man. He kept to himself, and lived in a
modest apartment above a quiet pub, in a quiet little town.. He always went
to bed on time, promptly, at 9 pm. He was up at 5 sharp each morning to
begin his daily routine, which was of course the arduous work of being a
human statue. His job was simple, but exhausting, and being at the market
early to get the best spot was essential to his cause. Quickly downing a
lite breakfast of toast and egg, he would brush his teeth and do morning
stretches. Then he would don his coat: the ceremonial slate grey suit,
passed down from his father to him, and squeeze into his small volvo sedan.
Off he would drive for the dockside marketplace, as the birds said good
morning and the morning sun lit his way.

By 6 am, people would start to trickle in, mostly dock workers and the
occasional regular shopkeep, but everybody had a smile and a kind word for
Craig Feigin the statue man. He always made people happy, and was part of
the regular attractions. By 10 AM the market would be in full swing, and
Craig began to work his magic on those passersby who dared to venture what
this strange statue was doing in the middle of a market. This was his
favorite part. As they approached, he would often wink, startling them,
then slowly he would begin to move about the square, much to the delight of
the onlookers. He would dance, they would cheer, and Craig always had a
supply of small candies on hand for the children. How they loved him!

By dusk, the flow of people would slow to a trickle, though Craig’s
enthusiasm hardly waned. His show was marvelous at any hour of the day. By
the time 8:30 rolled around, he would collect his meager earnings, remove
his coat, and finally make his way back through the market, stopping only
to nod and smile at those who recognized him. Back into his car he would
head home. By 9 pm he would once again be in bed, content with the thoughts
that he had brought joy to the denizens of this small town, and as he
settled into sleep he would dream of all the wonderful smiles he would hope
to see the following day.

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