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Craig Feigin writing at

Craig Feigin

05 Apr Craig Feigin writing at


Craig Feigin

Craig Feigin

Considering all of the different ways to make money in this world, one must make a choice.  The best decision is what makes the most money with the least amount of effort AND providing a product that people feel good about buying.  There are many other factors as well but the biggest thing to consider is when Craig Feigin must make that choice, there must be high revenue and also consider the nature of business.

The nature of business is typically predatory  towards the consumer. Perhaps all major corporations conduct themselves with a a low level of ethics. Would you have been consuming artificial sweeteners if you knew it was possibly cancerous? Do you think the major corporations did not know there could be problems with artificial sweeteners? This is just one example, but the list goes on.

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