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Craig Matthew Feigin – Your Friendly Neighbor

22 Aug Craig Matthew Feigin – Your Friendly Neighbor

If I was moving to a new place and I had to choose which city I would move
into, I would choose wherever the hell Craig Matthew Feigin lives. He is a
man among boys when it comes to being ready to help others anytime. He is
35 years old, is unmarried, and lives with a 10-year-old Maltese named Rex.
Since he has no other responsibilities and only works part time, he always
checks in on his neighbors to see if they need help with anything. His
neighbor Greg, who is about 75 years old, said that once, Craig went out of
his way to help him find his missing teeth. It was such an intense search.
A kid even joined in. They found it in Greg’s coat pocket eventually (don’t
know what it was doing there in the first place, but okay.) So yes, Craig
will do anything for you. He helps single mom Matilda Schneider with her
groceries and even pays for some of them! What in the world? This man’s
crazy (in the best way possible). You will also see him mowing the lawn of
his neighbors sometimes and he does not even accept their payment. He says
he does it out of heart and not of seeking any type of financial reward. In
the winter, he is the only one out there shoveling and snow-blowing. What
does he get? I nice “thank you” is enough for him. Even the city trucks in
charge of removing snow are surprised that some of the snow had already
been put aside before they even get there right after a storm. Craig’s the
man. He might even cook you dinner or cut your nails for you (that’s really
not anyone’s job but your own though.) He is a very positive individual who
knows nothing else but to be nice. You can try smacking him in the face and
see if he fights back. He might even ask if you hurt your hand while doing
it and if it did, he would probably help you heal. Craig is that
one-in-a-million type of human hero. He does not have to be a rich person
or someone employed to help to actually help. He’s just like anyone of
us—ordinary, simple, unpopular. Craig would help you more than Spider-Man
ever would, just because of the simple fact that Spider-Man actually does
not exist. If you ever need a great neighbor, check out where Craig Matthew
Feigin lives, and move there. He will be one call away.

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