Craig Feigin | Do you want to be a CEO?
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Do you want to be a CEO?

22 Aug Do you want to be a CEO?

While many think CEO’s are the most wealthy, talented and happy people on this planet, they actually have a tougher job than we can imagine. Recently Tim Cook admitted that it was “sort of a lonely job” as well. You are the biggest decision maker in the company as the CEO. People rely on you to make tough calls, and not vice versa. Thousands of people’s jobs and means of living are your responsibilities. When the business thrives and the market goes your way, people love and admire you. But remember, a wrong move, e.g. hiring a wrong person as Mr. Cook shared, could cost billions, which translates to loss of jobs and misery.

The glory is huge but so is the failure. Does anyone want to be close to you share that kind of pressure? That’s a big question.

You might argue that not all CEO’s have to deal with that kind of stress. Not all companies are like Apple, Google, or Facebook. I can run a small shop and no one can give me orders!

Well, think again. I have several friends who quit being employees and opening their own companies. There are two cases. One is for those who get sick of their colleagues, their bosses, and/or the very work they do.

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