Craig Feigin | Open Letter to Donald Trump on US Intelligence
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Open Letter to Donald Trump on US Intelligence

21 Aug Open Letter to Donald Trump on US Intelligence

Recently, Donald Trump was asked about his opinion concerning US
Intelligence members and responded, in short, that the members were not up
to snuff, had poor products, were bad at making decisions, and spent too
much money on collection and production. I have worked as a member of the
intelligence community in the past and am disgusted by such a lack of
understanding of the jobs of the men and women in the community and the
amount of work that goes into these products.
I would to remind Mr. Trump that the intelligence provides a service and
is not a decision maker when it comes down to how our products are used. In
short, a request for information about a given event, group, or individual
is sent out and the agencies work together to come up with a digestible
product for the consumer. Everyone and everything that can collect
information relating to the product is used to obtain that information,
from military members talking to populaces and FBI agents investigating
internal affairs, to systems administrators and communicators making sure
that communication of that information is possible and analysts formatting
so that people like Mr. Trump can better understand the information that is
given to them. What happens after those products are made is completely up
to the requester.
Admittedly, that service comes at a great cost both monetarily and
through human sacrifice during clandestine missions. That is not lost on
the members of the community and there is a huge effort to cut down on
expenses. But, like I’m sure Mr. Trump has heard before, you can not put a
price on quality. Please, let us know how we can cut those expenses, and
please don’t just focus on the money.
Mr. Trump, I would ask that you take some time out of your schedule to
actually sit down with the people working on products that you will be
using later and learn a thing or two about the work they put into the
information they present. I hope you also realize that they are not the
ultimate decision makers on how those reports get used, that we are
basically a machine that finds and presents information that decisions can
be made from. I also hope that you one day will realize that intelligence
is not an exact science and that we are dealing with adversaries that are
as clever and as tech-savvy as we are, as is the case with the Islamic
Finally, please learn to appreciate the work that the men and women under
you put in each and everyday. If you are to be our next president, it
should be your intention to better us and let us know how to improve our
work, but it is also within your best interest not put us down at every
turn. If you do have a plan for improvement, state it. Otherwise, please
learn about our jobs and garner a little bit of appreciation for the work
we do.


Estrella Jenai Moore

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