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Parasailing Is Awesome

07 Oct Parasailing Is Awesome

About ten years ago we took a family vacation with my sister and her family. We started off in Tampa Florida so we could take the kids and the biggest kid of all my brother in law to Bush Gardens. It was great fun, we stayed and went to the park twice and then headed to Clear Water which was our next destination for a couple of days of fun in the sun on a beautiful white sandy beach. This part of the trip was more for the actual adults than the kids. The first day we were there we noticed something high up in the air flying around  further out above the ocean. I pointed it out to my sister and she said I believe that is a para sail. I wasn’t  familiar with them at the time and she explained that a boat pulled a parachute with a person strapped behind it tethered by a rope. She said there was probably a rental place some where around there that was taking people out. Even though I am scared of heights I thought it sounded cool and would be the closet I ever came to skydiving. My husband, brother law and I found the place and signed up for the ride, and a ride it is. The crew took six of us out on a big speed boat with a platform on the back. Once we got about a half mile from shore they stopped the boat and started the sailing. My husband and I decided to go together and we opted for what they called the mile high club which is where your chute is let out on a mile worth of rope. We thought might as well go for it since we could actually say “done that  got the T-Shirt  and a certificate.”  I’m five foot seven inches and my husband is six feet five inches tall and out weighed me by about a hundred pounds,When it was our turn we put on our harness and stepped out onto the platform, Then we  set  down with our legs facing the stern, one of the guys rechecked our harness and made sure it was secure,   attached the chute to us . He gave the all clear and jumped into the boat as the driver gunned it and the boat picked up speed. The guy that took care of us started to feed rope out as the parachute filled with air and we started to go up, and up, and up. It was amazing floating in the air, hanging suspended everything so quiet. The view was incredible we could see all up and down the coast. The funny thing was even though we were so high up it looked like the ocean wasn’t that far below us allowed me to not panic and enjoy the time. We were up for about fifteen minutes and it was exhilarating . At the end of the ride one of the things they did was dunk the person in the ocean. As they brought the rope in we got closer and closer to the water, then  when were almost to the boat the driver slowed down some which dropped us into the water and dragged us along behind it while making sure not to get the chute wet. I could here my sister’s husband chanting “dunk them,dunk them” as were almost to the platform laughing as he said it. The only problem with this was as a pointed out earlier is that my husband is almost a foot taller than me.and in order to get most of him submerged in the water it meant I was all the way under being towed along by a fast moving boat with salt water streaming into my eyes and up my nose. It only lasted a minute or so and we were lifted back into the air and then lowered onto the platform. Even after the thorough dunking I took I loved the experience and would willingly do it again and again and again.

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