Craig Feigin | Politically Correctness today..
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Politically Correctness today..

15 Dec Politically Correctness today..

In modern times, it is so important to be politically correct that at this point it is completely absurd. ¬†People cannot even speak about anything that has to do with a ‘group of people’ let alone race without offending someone.

I was just speaking generally the other day about race the other day and I seemed to offend everyone around me. And I am thinking, I am just talking about general topics, not so much anything that would insult anyone. But you can’t even single out a group of people without stepping into the red zone.

So where does that leave Donald Trump? He seems to be immune from this disease in America and in a strange way, it actually helps him. I watched him impersonate a handicapped journalist and I thought for sure that would be his downfall. Now, somehow all of the handicapped people are Trump supporters.

What does this man have that America needs? Does he have a cure, a secrete sauce, a way to break free of the chains of being politically correct? Is there a way to go back for America or are we too late?

America was founded on not being politically correct. Humans are naturally drawn to groups of people that they can relate to with common traits. We always need the ability to judge and criticize other people, groups, and races for the benefit of improving from those criticisms. ¬†A man can only be as great as he is opposed. If we are not opposed, that means we have reached the pinnacle of our civilization. It’s just not right.

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