Craig Feigin | The Hill Country Terror Ride
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The Hill Country Terror Ride

Craig Feigin

12 Oct The Hill Country Terror Ride

CrI once went on a road trip with my mother to Kerrville, Tx to visit my brother who was incarcerated in juvenile detention at the time. We had to travel through what’s called the Hill Country out here in Texas, which is basically a really country part of South Texas that has an incredible amount of trees and foliage, mountains, and overall beautiful scenery. I wasn’t really looking forward to the destination but I was excited about the relaxation I knew I would experience on the trip. A friend of mine had recently vacationed there and was raving about how gorgeous the countryside was. I’d never been through the Hill Country but I’d heard a lot about it. I have a terrible fear of heights, so when I realized we were slowly elevating into a more mountainous area I had a panic attack! I was hyperventilating, my heart was beating a mile a minute, and I felt like I could barely breathe. My head was spinning. Finally, after breathing into a paper bag, and keeping my head between my knees, consciously slowing my breathing, I was able to calm down and just patiently wait for us to reach lower altitudes. Well finally we made it to the facility, visited my brother, and when it was time to leave, it was dark and rainy outside. I immediately knew the ride home was going to be even less enjoyable than the ride there. I took some of the anxiety medication I was taking at the time in order to calm me down so that I might be less bothered by the weather and the heights we would reach. It was storming by the time we reached the elevated area again. Lightning was striking all around us, and connecting with the road! On the other side of the street, we witnessed a lightning bolt strike the road between two cars. It looked so frightening. My mom said, “Phew glad that wasn’t us.” Before she could finish her sentence a bolt struck the road right in front of us and lit up everything like it was daytime for about three seconds. My mom almost lost control of the car, and I had another panic attack. She was trying to calm me down while trying to keep her eyes on the road. We each just prayed we’d make it home safely. We did, and to this day that is hands down one of the scariest experiences of my entire life.

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