Craig Feigin | Tragedy Strikes at Home
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Tragedy Strikes at Home

21 Aug Tragedy Strikes at Home

At the moment of the first news article, I was instantly connected to this story. Maybe the connection came from the fact that my son is the exact same age as the little boy that suffered tragedy; maybe it’s because I live in the same town or possibly because my husband and child were adamant about riding the exact same ride that claimed the life of that child in the near future. After news story after news story was released and then eventually the release of the name of the child and identifying who his family was, my heart immediately sank. This was a church family of ours. Caleb and my son attended youth group together. How terrible a feeling, what emptiness the family must feel and the gruesome details that have surfaced through witness accounts and the endless news coverage of helicopters flying over the slide…..with blood still staining it. My worst nightmare, a mothers worst nightmare, a mother I knew to a little boy that we were fond of. My heart breaks for them, and even if I had not known them, feeling the pain of a stranger based on the common ground of motherhood and the love a mother has for her child. With all the reports of negligence, I can only hope that there be some accountability…and although that accountability, punishment, fines, charges, whatever may come will never come close to making up for the life that was lost, at least there can be some sort of closure for the family.


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