Choose the path of Greatness or get the F out of my way.

You want the truth. The truth is, you are so much more than you are right now. Your life’s purpose is right there all you have to do is to reach out and grab it. It’s funny I used not to tell people their weaknesses, I used to kind of placate them a little bit because I was honestly being polite and civilized. Right but quick story. I used to actually work at blockbuster. This is back when Blockbuster was around, it was a long time ago, I guess and my manager had something in her nose you know, so I don’t want to say anything, and it was early in the morning. we had to open up the doors and let all the customers in okay the customers start pulling in. There are regulars for whatever reason at a blockbuster and one of the customers, a guy, calls the manager over and says hey let me come here let me talk to you for a second. He tells her you know hey you got something in your nose you know, i saw these people whatever and the manager comes over to me and says, Hey Craig!! you let me just interact with a hundred people or something like that with something in my nose and she walked off and i never forgot that because this is like an example for the rest of life.


Everyone has these little imperfections that we all pretend not to see, and this has become the environment that we live in now and we’ve all collectively like lowered the bar so low that what happened is, one day I woke up i and i leveled up and I looked around and I just see this like craziness I just see basically everyone almost like giving up on life in exchange for being comfortable, entertained and pleasure seeking. This is all I see, and I look around and I see little fat kids everywhere all the time. I just see overweight kids, overweight people and I just think it’s just this toxic environment and I’m here to tell you that your highest vision, your higher self, does not want you to seek pleasure. It wants you to close your eyes, imagine, if you could just push a button and be anything that you can imagine you know, just hit the button and you have to be in this body, but you can have the body.

look the way you want you can have all the money you want. You hit the button and you’re going to be that thing. What would be okay? okay!!! Hold that image and go after and chase it. The first thing that comes up is fear of failure.  I can never do it. Maybe this isn’t for me. It’s a lot of work I don’t know, it’s just my imagination but what’s happening is, your ego is getting in the way because the truth is there’s no other life to live because anything that you get on the way, feels so much better than pleasure seeking food and alcohol and movies and entertainment. And your couch is all massively pleasurable, awesome, great things but you have to replace it with something. Look, everyone wants to be rich, everyone wants to be fit, Right!!!!!!!

The blueprint is easy, what’s stopping you, you know that other people have done this right the blueprints are online you could go on YouTube and learn how to be fit lickety-split. You could go on YouTube and learn how to be rich. It’s 2022. you know there’s little kids now with jets right you understand this. Right. 

Discipline Problem

it’s not like it can’t be done, you just have a discipline problem you tell yourself that’s not me on the subconscious level and your self-image says this who I am today is who i am and I’m here to tell you that’s not okay. That’s not who you are and if this doesn’t resonate with you maybe you’re not ready. Maybe you gotta take it the hard way, the long way and that’s okay too because one day you will be ready but if you’re listening to this, you’re meant to hear this message and you’re meant to level up the reason why you were not chasing that highest vision is because you just take back steps towards your vices.

I don’t have any vices well you know what your vices are okay you’re not shooting up heroin but you’re still a human being and we all ease the pressure of anxiety through little things what is it for you, is it watching YouTube videos, is it watching Netflix, is it eating, I know, it’s eating. The whole world is crazy with food, don’t even get me started but those pleasure-seeking behaviors. It relieves the ambition and the drive that is meant to be anxiety. Anxiety and depression don’t really exist. it’s not a real thing. These are just words that we’ve slapped on these feelings but it’s actually a non-existent thing.


if you’re depressed and you have anxiety or you’re angry. Do a hundred burpees, I don’t care who you are, you could do five at a time, ten at a time, one at a time. Get to a hundred then come talk to me about your anxiety that will be gone trust me on that. No one’s been halfway through a marathon and stopped and says i have anxiety, i have depression, it doesn’t correlate what correlates is your physique, your mental, your fitness, your physical fitness is directly correlated and connected to your mental well-being also your anxiety and your negative emotions, also your negative experiences are sent from your higher self to create boundaries and walls and say okay! Go this way, go that way, go left, go right, and you’re supposed to use those energies to obtain your purpose in life. You could just go through life experiencing and just live a hundred lifetimes. The hard way, or you can pay attention to the messages, adjust, follow the blueprints, follow the formula, follow a program which I’m going to get to, and you can obtain and go the easy route and experience essentially, what I call enlightenment, which is purpose over pleasure okay live your life with purchase purpose sorry. And you’re going to understand how good it feels to be a winner, how good it feels to smash every goal in front of you, then smash the next goal and smash the next call, because it never stops

I have decided to no longer tolerate you not achieving your highest potential. I was being nice to you. But now I have the solution to your bad habits, anxiety, life failures, and your low frequency. Choose the path of Greatness and relentlessly pursue your highest vision. Or get the F out of my orbit.

Learn to block out external negative influences that take you out of alignment with your purpose.