How to Deep Mind Probe and Be “Tapped In” to Universal Truth

You could probe also on your own turns out anybody can seek out universal truth. Anybody could be tapped in and anyone can use certain methods to seek out answers, either in a spiritual world or in the material world and I’m going to teach you a quick rundown on how to do it just the basics. I’m just going to verbalize what it is and then I’m going to put a little course online. Just so people can have access to it and just use it for betterment and use it to better yourself and I’m going to give you the gist of it. So, the first step, I’m going to teach you two methods. The two that I use the most I think they’re very helpful.

Methods of Probing

The first method is to put yourself in a meditative state. And it requires a little bit of constant practice of meditation to get your brain waves to be comfortable and staying in this state is very important. You’re going to shut down your body through meditation.  You’re going to start at the top of your head, relax the muscles independently, individually all the way down to your toes once you’re physically relaxed, you’re going to go into the mental and you’re going to use a method either through visualization of where you want to be or some happy place, somewhere that just makes you content and you’re going to relax your mind in that way your mind is a little different. It’s not a muscle from the physical body so you’re going to have to use a little trick to just get yourself cool, you know just get yourself in a nice state once you’ve achieved that, you’re going to put yourself into a trance a hypnotic state and that’s usually done through counting backwards. You know visualizing walking down steps into a basement. while you’re counting for a period and you’re going to do this several times you’re going to try to implement this strategy and then count down from 10 go into a deep state deep state deep state this whole process might take up to 12 to 20 minutes I like to use headphones and listen to some guided thing, but you know I’ve done it so many times I can just do it independently. 

Meditative State

Binaural beats would help on all these tools I’m going to put on the app for everyone so they can do it themselves and I’ll tell you why once you’ve shut down your body and once your mind is in this frequency and you’re there in this meditative state I actually like to cleanse a little bit I call down a light into my crown chakra and what I don’t know why I became blurry there. 


I call light down into my crown chakra and I put roots around my feet going down into the earth. You don’t have to do all that craziness. I just like to do it before and after and I’ll tell you a couple reasons after that. After I explain the rest, now you’re in a deep state. Maybe you’re cleansed at this point and now you want to probe something so what you’re going to do is you’re going to use visualization, everything in this is visualization. For some reason you can’t really communicate with the spirit world through uh verbal you know maybe I don’t really understand why, maybe some people can but for the most part from what I understand everything is visualization.


You’re going to sit down in your meditative state, visually you know visualization and then you’re going to have a chair in front of you and you’re going to put the person that you want to probe in the chair so let’s say you’re going to probe. Someone neutral, Albert Einstein is going to be sitting in front of you facing you in a chair and you’re looking at his head and you’re really like you know you are capturing his entire head. You really want to know what he looks like around the front back. You really want to get a lot of detail just to solidify this is Albert Einstein sitting in front of you. He’s sitting in front of you, he’s there his head is the most important part you know the rest of his body is what it is and you’re going to take his head and you’re going to remove it from his body and then you’re going to put it over your head like a mask and you’re going to sit with this for a minute and just visualize absorbing his head into your head !!!right?  and as you’ve brought him into your mind and your mind is not melded with him you can ask questions!


General relativity like just go into a little bit of detail and just make sure that you’re locked in i like to say hey, how is it in the afterlife or something like that just to start a little bit of communication but what helps the most is, visual questions and it’s a little bit of a challenge and this is where practice comes in but if you are what comes to mind is the beach for some reason so if I want to ask albert Einstein about surfing i might have a little image a little one second clip that I’ll put in my head of some surfer on the water, going through the water and then maybe a shark under the water and you know ask him about sharks and surfing maybe this is a bad example for Albert Einstein but you get the idea so you’re going to shoot that vision. 


Visualization over to him you’re going to ask him questions verbally and you’re just going to see what works for you and you’re going to get a response and listen for the response and do it in a way where now he’s controlling your body so you’re not going to hear albert Einstein’s voice or maybe you will. But you’re going to have a response for whatever your question is and that’s the answer you’re going internal and you’re tapping into collective consciousness and you’re asking Albert Einstein questions that you find relevant now. When you get to level two of this you can actually group large entities of people you can actually group all kinds of consciousness for example but let’s say i want to ask the state of Florida and all the inhabitants within the state of Florida group them as an entity as all that collective consciousness. All those people and then I’m going to form that person into a single person sitting in front of me, so all these people now are one person. And you’ll know because uh when you have to visualize what their face looks like. it’ll be like for me, it’ll be like an energy, it’ll be like a black swirling energy and they won’t have a face so well, so they’ve embodied you.


A collective consciousness, I don’t know how to explain it, but you’ll know when you ever try this and especially when I put these audio tapes on the app and it’s not there right now. You’re going to take this collective consciousness head on, absorb it, connect to it through what I like to do is a few questions verbally, mentally verbal, I should say like I’m Just saying a sentence in my head and then I like to communicate visually because I have way more connection with that. And you’re going to get answers and more importantly, in this state you’re going to get a lot of insights, a lot of downloads you’re going to get a lot of phrases, a lot of quotes, a lot of wisdom and what’s very important is to do your best to take that with you. 

I don’t want to use the word memorize or remember because remember shuts down your brain. It’s very important that your actual physical body is in its lowest energized state because you don’t want that to become. Everything is going to be filtered through your body. You want your body to be off, so the signal lines come in directly. You don’t want to use your consciousness and think what you think Albert Einstein would say, you want to shut that down as much as you can. Very important, a lot of people have a hard time with essentially anyone who’s doing this. All information is filtered through an individual so it’s flavored in that way, when you do this yourself you will see you will have your own flavor but it’s you, so you’ll be comfortable with it. Don’t sweat it. This tool is very valuable for connecting with your higher self when you envision yourself in your chair, the chair opposed to you. Your higher self in front of you!!!! 

okay usually it’ll be like golden energy. Like a golden yellowish kind of maybe orange tint energy, when that being is sitting in front of you and you take its head and you wear it, this is the most relevant thing you can do for you, yourself, and your existence and your purpose in your life I feel it is just my personal belief with no evidence of course that your higher self is essentially directing your life.

In this video, I give a brief overview on two methods to do Deep Mind Probes yourself. I point out the greatest uses such as connecting to your higher self and connecting to the version of yourself of highest potential in a different reality.

Meditation is the doorway to deepening your connection to your higher self.