it’s all connected.

Doctors will ask you, they’ll tell you the same thing. A doctor will ask you “hey, who do you look like in your family”.


Do you look like your grandfather on your mom’s side? Oh, okay. What’s his heart condition? What’s his chronic illness? What are his serious diseases that he might have because now you are susceptible to those diseases. The same way, if you knew an old man, an elderly man or something and he’s starting to frail, not getting up as fast. He’s not driving as well, he’s repeating himself, when he’s talking not full blown dementia but just people who get older. You know that physically they’re starting to decline and mentally they’re starting to decline because it’s all connected. All of it is connected. if you’re treating your body incorrectly and you have poor daily habits. It is the accumulation of these things, right! It affects you mentally as well it affects your decisions that you make. it affects the people around you and how seriously that they take you and it affects your opportunities in life. So many times, I have seen online these little online battles and disputes in the comments and things like that. Just negativity and I know what the other person looks like. I know what it takes to have those negative thoughts and write them out in a comment. 

There’s no one putting their real name and real information and real face on those comments right because what are those comments they’re just thoughts.

 They’re just thoughts written out. That’s all, they are but they’re not someone that you would take seriously in real life and they know that, that’s why they’re typing it in because of that negative energy is trying to seek out a way to express itself and it can’t be done. It can’t be done like that. It’s frustrating. So many comments i had gotten over the past year and a half about “oh you’re full of you know remote viewings not real” or whatever it was i don’t know. I said to all of them, I gave them all a shot and never deleted one bad comment ever. I believe in that freedom of speech stuff so i just left it up there. I said “hey yeah come on the show let’s have a discussion about it”. I want to hear how you came up with your uh conclusion there but you know and i wouldn’t embarrass them. I just know that no one ever would come on there. They always say something like oh well! You guys are a cult. I’ll leave you alone. I’m not going to mess with that, that’s because there’s no one who will put a face on that negativity. Be wary of people, who don’t put their faces out there. Don’t put their name out there use aliases, fabricate identities, phone numbers and usernames because what they’re really doing by concealing themselves is. They’re not protecting their identity because there is a degree of that, I guess you could say you don’t want people contacting you at your house but that’s so rare. The reality is people don’t want the person who’s concealing themselves, they don’t want to be judged for the fear of being judged for who they really are. If they’re trying to say something and give an opinion. They don’t want you to think about something else about them. Right!

Are you going to take a 300 400 pound person seriously and they’re going to give you life advice that you’re going to follow? No, so you know, who you are inside it’s who you are on the outside. If you wake up early at 4 a.m. Focus on yourself, have positive daily habits and make your bed get in. A mindset training focuses on those auto suggestions, those affirmations and those quotes. Whatever, it is to get you in that mindset of achieving your long-term goals, you achieve your long-term goals and then you get right into some physical fitness.

Something basic, I started out with just doing a hundred burpees,

you know this took me about 10-12 minutes something like that, now I got it down to eight. It doesn’t take long just to show gratitude for this body. You have to wake up early. What is sleeping? Anyway, you sleep into what you’re not tired anymore. Now, it’s easy for you to wake up. What kind of gratitude is that? All you people that follow me, we all seem the same thing. That gratitude is the ultimate feeling but you know the whole purpose of life but I’m going  a step further and say that gratitude is a verb. How do you show gratitude if you’re sleeping into what 10 o’clock? You have a messy bed, you’re stuffing your face with garbage, drinking alcohol. There’s no gratitude in those actions and action is the language of the universe. The universe is the physical reality around you, is just a reflection of self. So when you treat yourself badly, you lower your vibration that negative energy, those negative comments, those negative things are gonna be reflected back at you. That’s why you have money problems, that’s why you have relationship issues. You have poor habits, you have poor eating habits. That’s okay I was the same way. I wouldn’t be talking to you and thinking I wouldn’t know what i’m talking about. If I wasn’t the same way, is it okay to be that person? it’s not okay to stay that person you got to change yourself. Once,  you’ve recognized it because that’s how it works. You are the sum total of your daily habits. Your success is a byproduct of who you are. You are one of those daily habits I think.

Confucius said something like that we’re all the same. We all just have different habits and it’s true how many people do you know that you would admire and respect. That you’d want to trade places with whether it’s on tv or on whatever and then you see what they do, they wouldn’t live the life. You’d live that’s why you admire them. What let me backup for a second so many times, I’ve heard “hey, what’s my opinion that they go to a psychic or someone, some insight and they’re consulting with some therapist or whatever they’re like. I don’t know what my purpose is? I’m gonna tell you your purpose. I don’t know what my purpose is. I’m gonna tell you right now by the way oh man can you tell me my purpose in life? What am I here to do? When I’m here to learn, your purpose is to achieve the things that you’re attracted to. The things that you want if you could push a button right then what would you want to be? Would you have a bunch of money, have a six-pack, have a good body, have a nice car, have a nice house. Whatever it is, just be honest with yourself.

Who you are on the inside is who you are on the outside. In this video, I share the 2 year conclusion of all of the experiments making money with remote viewing. I discuss setting your intentional internal state and your ability to transform the external world.

If they are fat on the outside, they are fat on the inside too. Sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover.