let’s play a game…

Let’s play a game, the winners get ten thousand dollars, the blueprints for ten thousand dollars. When I started this remote viewing journey, when i learned remote viewing was a real phenomenon, I thought how can i make money with this and have an edge in the world so I bounced around from stocks and cryptos and then it became it transformed into how can other people make money with it how can the world be a better place because in a way when you get in the remote viewing you get into meditation and you kind of change internally it just goes in hands of people.

Remote Viewing

Let’s say when they learn they take a remote viewing course all of a sudden they stop drinking and then you know that changes their life and then they maybe divorce their wife because your wife is still drinking. Lindy Cannon said something like that anyways the point is, when i started this first it was how can i make money with the cryptos, with the stocks, getting the insights how can other people do it. Then it turned into where it ended up and then ended up learning that through this process the only thing that seems to work is by changing yourself internally, running through a program.

Changing Your Consciousness

Then changing your consciousness in such a way where your state of being create opportunities because you’re going to shift through reality where maybe bitcoin was projected to go up tomorrow but then your consciousness shifted into a reality where bitcoin went down so it was kind of hard to pinpoint because maybe everyone experiences a different reality now that we’re talking about realities let’s get to the game.

Happiness & Depression

The game is something like i heard tony robins, a clip i don’t know why it stuck with me, it was something like there was a woman a contestant let’s say and then he goes to her. There’s two doors over there. Behind door 1  there’s a confident person and happy person and behind door2 there’s a depressed person and a person with all kinds of problems. what does that confident person look like is he slumped over or is his posture up the woman’s like oh his posture’s up ,what’s his bed like is his bed made his room clean or is it dirty. The room is clean okay!!!! what about the depressed person, how is his posture, she’s hunches over sad, it’s so obvious right! 

okay what does his room look like it’s a mess so it got me thinking. When this is before and after i suppose you could say when i started my mindset training wasn’t very long but we’re gonna play the game right now. This is one version of Craig in one version of reality.

And this is another version of Craig in another version of reality these are two realities.

Let’s play the game

Remember it’s not always about your physique, your physique is the byproduct. You understand the physique is the by product of your mindset training that’s going to change your consciousness and then all these things fall into play. One version of Craig has money problems, in the other version of Craig money just seems to come to him in in various ways and opportunities.

Which one is Which

And one I’m actively doing mindset training and I’m actually actively programming every day practicing auto suggestion and I’m doing the right stuff and the other one i  really am looking forward to getting around it, working out again and I’m really looking forward to getting my head right and getting meditating which one is which. one i seek pleasure from food and external sources in the physical reality world and the other one I’ve I ate how it made me feel. In one I have energy vampires, negative people, negative influence and I’m always thinking I got to cut these people out of my life.

In the other version of Craig and this other reality I’m generating so much light that negative people just remove themselves from me. They just disappear, they don’t want to be anywhere near me because I have so much light. it’s almost toxic to them all. In one I’m prepared for opportunities , opportunities when they come I’ve already gone through a process where I’ve created void and I’ve created empty vessels for opportunities to be filled. Into those vessels just like let’s say I was driving around in a really bad car i had his old KIA Sofia like 15 years ago I don’t know I remember it broke down one day and I was all pissed because I had never really liked cars anyway i would just get these little cars and when that car broke I just jumped it and then all of a sudden in my life I had a really nice car. After that just circumstantial but what happened was life had to create that room i couldn’t have two cars right.  so anyways the point is in one version of Craig I’m ready for opportunities in the other version of Craig if an opportunity came it would just run me into the ground because I wasn’t even ready for the weight.

in one, I’m depressed i have anxiety, I have issues , you know external circumstances that are making me unhappy and in the other one I’m happy.

in one, i have external pleasures like I said and the other one i have internal enlightenment. I identify with all beings and I am aware that we are all connected and the other one maybe drinking alcohol to feel happy I have to go out and see a movie, eat a bunch of popcorn, you know have these short-lived vices, the short-lived instant gratifications in order to experience any kind of happiness . In other one I’m internal which one’s which keep guessing guys it’s pretty easy. And one my kids aren’t listening to me i have to raise my voice constantly and tell them silly things like brush their teeth and stop jumping on the couch, the other one my kids emulate and idolize me. They talk about my six-pack now and honestly this is an old picture on the right so I would almost be embarrassed to show you what I look like now but you know in a positive way but the pot the point is in line like I don’t have to raise my voice most of the time I whisper they look at me, when I walk into a room. Everyone stops. one people treat me like an average, person like I’m just like the kids they just fall another person in the room and then the other one people respect my advice when I’m at a dinner table and mom was at dinner tables one way or the other I’m usually quiet and then when I speak everyone stops talking and they listen

In this video, I demonstrate how mindset training will change you physically and mentally in all areas of life. Not just your physique changes, your bank account increases, negative people disappear, and your overall quality of life increases in ways that are unexplainable. Your consciousness becomes elevated and people will perceive it in ways that they do not even understand.

When change yourself internally, you change the world externally.