Love Handles and Lower Back Fat Work Out & Mindset Training

It was 20 minutes, that’s it, it was nothing. All right, we’re going to run through it right now. I woke up in the morning. What’s interesting about this one is that he’s a bare-knuckle boxer. He’s really cool. He’s got a little supplement still near me and he showed me. Something called every minute on the minute I’ve heard of it before but there’s a little app you can get. The app is called gym boss, download gym boss. And every minute that goes off you do the next set so you take a break in between but what’s funny about this one is I did this one this morning, but I didn’t time this right I thought I could do 10 on each side and it would take me 30 seconds, so I actually don’t really get a break. Made it a little bit harder but I stuck to it and that’s the point you’re supposed to do this. This is essentially my physical mindset training but first we go here we go ready I’m like oh Shit that was fast okay pick that back up it’s my realization there that this is going to be a long ass workout. 

Gym Boss

So, the first thing I do is I wake up very early, try to do it before five, sometimes it goes from four to five. I kind of feel my body out. To be honest with you and I’ll do my mental, I’ll read through all my quotes, my affirmations, my auto suggestions and my goals and I map them out in my head, and I refresh. You might have wanted to have all your goals but then the next day when you wake up, you’re kind of like a clean slate you know so you have to remind yourself. you must get yourself back into the frame of mind and that’s why you wake up and you train your mind. I’m a beast, I’m a winner, I’m relentless. Nothing gets in my way for my goals. You just kind of put yourself there mentally even if it’s just you. just feel the emotion right there and you touch. I call it touchdown for some reason once I touch down and I have that feeling and I remembered the game at the start the day takes 5-10 minutes and I have a little black coffee and I will have my split ready from the day before. meaning I know what I’m going to be training and I’m going to try to make it 20 minutes. 

20 Minute Work Outs

Now there was a time where I’d have hour-long workouts. okay now I’m I haven’t been down in 20 minutes the reason being is when I was doing the hour long workouts, I had no active projects and I was focused on losing my body fat and remember this was where I was just out of my comfort zone. I was a proper shit, let me tell you this was me. I was unhappy, I was depressed, I was busy, all the time but when you’re busy like that when you come home at night you want to eat as much as you can and watch movies and drink wine or beer whatever I was doing I don’t know I forget how to make a body like this good. I was just so uncomfortable. That’s the way out. I was just out of my comfort zone and that’s really important for there’s no better motivation than essentially rock bottom. when you get to rock bottom that’s your signal from life, from the universe saying get up where you tell yourself I’m not doing this anymore never again and you just ricocheted off the wall ricocheted into the other direction so essentially these moments of weakness are very important for you to gain a trajectory towards where you actually want to be in life. Look at me I’m like how many were that five sets, four sets um so this work out here in particular is very good for your love handles and your back fat that lower back fat. It’s very stubborn. This is an underrated workout. I never really see anyone do it. Someone showed it to me when he had sick abs and when he had really good abs. I figured you know what if he knows what to do, I’m going to do it. this works however nothing beats your macros and understanding macronutrients your nutrients and getting that right and kind of understanding your calories because this will help you lose all your body fat and then when you want to pack on muscle you just manipulate your macros in that way and that’s all stuff that I have on the program. 

The one there’s i’ll have it down in the description below and you know macronutrients in my opinion, should be taught in schools yeah, I wonder if I’m ahead of the time yet so when you understand macros, it’s basic math not really important but just to have a basic understanding of your carbohydrates your proteins and your fats and how much your intake is very important. and it’s easy, it’s just addition and subtraction. your calories are a certain number. My specific calories are really easy. 

It’s around 2000 that I’m taking in every day. you know depending and that’s at a deficit so pretty much when you look at the back of all like you know your meats your cans or whatever and it has like the breakdown of you. You know what everything is, it’s usually formulated for like a 2000 calorie diet which is me so kind of works out this area that I’m working out in right here is a very small space. It’s like I don’t know six by eight. I have a weight bench which turns into a squat rack, and it is like a crowbar. It’s got a lot of stuff within this little Walmart gym area but most of the stuff that I do are calisthenics, kind of little workouts like this but I always implement weight resistance training. I don’t jog anymore. I don’t jog. jogging is a waste like jogging is enjoyable right sprinting is hard so if you ever want clarification. If you should be jogging or not, go look up a picture of a jogger or a marathoner and then go look at a picture of a sprinter and ask yourself who do I want to look like. 

it’s very easy you know so you could do hiit training a lot of CrossFit move I personally don’t like CrossFit stuff because I don’t like all the power lifting movements but you know and I never see anyone who looks amazing as a CrossFit unless they’re competing at a very high level and the truth is all that bodybuilding stuff. It works. you know you don’t really have to reinvent the wheel with bodybuilding for many years. They know how to pack on muscle, and they know how to decrease body fat and get ready for competitions. The only tweaks that I personally did was I do yoga. I do a lot of yoga now. I do a lot of stretching and when you build up a lot of muscle you tend to get a little stiff. Just being able to be so flexible and just having that under your belt was to me like massive. 

Just like bodybuilding movements and I’d also removed from bodybuilding I don’t like how they get ready seasonally, so they’ll pack on muscle during winter and then during the summertime they’re going to shut down the body fat I don’t think that’s proper.

 I think it’s a recipe for falling off so what I do is I’m always eating right. I’m always eating in a way where I’m one 500 calorie deficit when I want to cut all right and then when I’m ready to pack on muscle I just add 500 calories surplus.  you know I had increased the protein increase a little bit more carbs and then I work out a little bit heavier and then once my abs start to go away, I’m like oh I just go back into deficit so you’re always going back and forth into deficit and surplus, deficit surplus but it’s important to understand your macros which is crazy to me that we don’t all get educated this early on. I’ll tell you, this is all stuff that I’ve implemented in the program and this isn’t even important to be honest with you it’s just important to not be obese, not basically look like this and it’s not about the physique, it’s about like this person here this fat version of myself and this reality that no longer exists that is you’re unable to be really happy, you’re unable to feel satisfaction, you’re unable to feel your threshold of like what you can be.  

In this video, I am narrating while doing a 5am “love handles and lower back fat work out.” 20 minutes only . This is after I have done my daily morning mental programming to achieve my highest vision. You can do this too! Your transformation is a decision! You are MORE!
You can watch the full workout here:

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