The Spirituality of YouTube Comments

Okay i’m going to share with you the way i see the spirituality of youtube comments and how this relates to you even though you might not be a commenter but how this reflects on you and then i have an announcement so this was a comment I did my best to put it up on um it’s just such a long comment which already tells you a lot about it right off the bat but this wasn’t related to an interview with uh schwartz what’s his name Stefan shorts something like that uh it’s on the youtube channel it’s just a bunch of negativity if you don’t feel like kicking back and reading this it’s like you know he’s like oh this this comment was cute you shouldn’t be interrupting him uh uh he told me to shut up at one point uh and that oh well how old are you anyway i’ve been around block and i’ve seen all kinds of riots and stuff basically i said something along the lines of 2020 was a big marker in human history we had the pandemic we had all the conflicts the riots and you know i was interviewing the guy,  this guy didn’t agree so he wrote this long ass response and you know the feeling i got when i read it. 

I honestly didn’t read it at first but before i started this video i just kind of refreshed myself i wrote it to this person back hey that’s an interesting opinion come on the show come on and we’ll do a zoom and you could share more of what you’re talking about right i mean isn’t that what he’s doing no one is going to come out and put their face on that kind of negativity no one’s going to put their real name on this kind of behavior this is not normal and what i mean by that is for you to have a natural discernment of what is normal and what is not normal because social norms have lowered so low that everyone is in this cesspool of what they think this is like an environment where everyone’s a winner everyone’s like the best version of themself .

Mental illness is not Apparent to everyone.


The person who does this everyone’s gonna look at him like holy shit what is wrong with this guy but that mental illness is not apparent to everyone and that’s what this is huge negative self imagery and i’m gonna break it down real quick but what this boils down to is this has become normal behavior imagine you’re in high school okay and everyone you know there’s a few class clowns and stuff like that and then you get into the gifted program pretend everyone’s quiet normal watching you know doing their work the person who’s acting out it’s like it’s weird okay now when you’re on a high level if this becomes so apparent and i just see that this is just becoming normal and normal for people here’s what it is okay he said something about my age like oh i’m young so obviously he thinks he’s older than me okay let’s assume.

That is 70s 80s and 90s talking about riots back then and how they were more prominent or more violent than the ones in 19 and 2020 which maybe they were maybe they weren’t but he was really trying to gain authority over my age i don’t know i’m 37 isn’t that a normal man age anyways just saying that what he’s trying to do is put me down for some reason i don’t know this individual obviously in order to prop himself up no he can’t prop himself up he sees me above him so he has to pull me down to his level and that’s because he’s threatened by me by my youth i don’t know he’s threatened by me in such a way where he has to pull on a thread of some something negative about me in order to to unravel me to my someone who’s on a lower level and that crab mentality trying to pull them down that high level is kind of a judgment on the person who’s on a low level so if you’re let’s say um someone who’s just a failure in life okay if you’re just a failure in life everyone who’s successful you’re gonna have a reason an excuse for them or you’re gonna hate on them we’re all three oh well he was born into a wealthy family oh well he has good genetics oh well i have this big knee injury and I couldn’t do what he did but if i didn’t have this knee injury or if i just you know had some other opportunities or whatever I’d be on that level or well he’s a billionaire but i would spend the money much better i would end world hunger this is all what if you peel back the layers of ego this all boils down to a poor self image you have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself why why why why do i think this way why did i say that why did i do that when you peel back those layers it becomes very apparent you know someone who’s into self-growth bettering themselves or is just a millionaire and is self-made they don’t see other people who were millionaires 

Adopting or Copying Someone Else

As a threat in fact it’s 5:55 the opposite good for him oh my god that’s what i want i want to acquire whatever he’s doing and i want to adopt that i’m gonna copy that i’m gonna be happy for that individual and i’m gonna wanna invite him over for dinner that this is how a successful person thinks a loser doesn’t think like that a loser thinks well and I know i’m insulting this person if they see this however this is supposed to spike uh awareness in this behavior not to just hurt this individual this is supposed to it’s okay to be this way okay it’s okay really i used to be this way i went through a period of growth and now i’m not so you can’t stay this way that’s the thing once you’re aware of it once i pointed the finger at you and said you’re a loser you’re acting like a loser no more being a loser bro because after that from that moment on you have the opportunity to change and then it’s your fault but let’s just take this as a little snap of human behavior and try to understand this in its full totality i had a fat friend let me tell you a story we were in high school ll growing up i had a fat friend he was in our group of friends you know we all had groups of friends in high school and we were all like you know good looking guys or whatever and then you know we were okay you know we weren’t jocks or anything i’m just saying like we had girls that would come around we’d be friends with them and we were in this we developed relationships and this and that .

If you put a negative person’s self-talk on a loudspeaker you would say “Holy sh*t” and cover your ears. Don’t let external influences and low-grade belief systems penetrate your subconscious.

Don’t let external Influences dictate the way you think.