Craig Feigin lives and works out of Miami, Florida USA.  Since 2011 Feigin as expanded is real estate portfolio throughout South Florida and in his wake has generated several millionaires through business coaching of friends and associates. This inspired Craig to scale the coaching and leverage his reach to change the lives of many more individuals.  He realized In order to be a success, individuals must change their mindset to ‘rewire’ their current way of thinking to rebuild themselves to be the person they are meant to be.  Fitness, meditation and nutrition play a major role in mindset training which is all connected to business success.  Through these disciplines, Craig has created a roadmap that has worked for himself, and others to build successful business and an elite mindset to separate clients from ‘normal standards of living’.


General Info / FAQ

No, but you must understand your macros and incorporate a proper nutrition in your life along with at least bare minimum resistance training. This is for mindset

A typical client is already making money in some business venture, and those ventures are quickly scaled.  However, a person who is starting from scratch usually sees results in all areas of life in less than 90 days.

It is all connected.  There is no way to be a fat, lazy, piece of sh*t and simultaneously successful in other areas of life. Who you are on the inside is who you are on the outside. 

The external environment of social norms has lowered everyone’s standard of living. You must change your belief systems in order to think through what is aligned with your long-view vision.  There is too much conflicting information in the world to not implement discernment systems. Everyone starts off wanting to “diet” properly in the morning then throughout the day you are bombarded with junk food advertisements that enter the subconscious brain along with people who accept you being fat.  These problem is in all areas of life.

There are only a handful of positions open for long-term coaching. Please submit your information and let’s see if it’s a good fit for long-term coaching.

You will be given proper guided meditations that are not available in apps, youtube, or online. This will almost be impossible to not progress in your mediations.

Further Information

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