Miami, Florida

Craig Feigin

My Mindset

Your SOUL put you here reading this message that is meant for you. In my lone-wolf journey for self-mastery, I’ve come to believe that the path to unleashing human potential lies in the crucible of mental and physical fitness endeavors and the relentless pursuit of perfection in all areas of life.

The synergy between physical and mental growth is profound. As we push ourselves in physical endeavors, we develop an unwavering belief in our capacity to overcome obstacles. We learn to control our emotions, to remain calm and calculated in the face of adversity.

My philosophy recognizes that being self-aware is the cornerstone of all growth. Through life’s challenges, we become intimately acquainted with our strengths and weaknesses. We learn the art of compartmentalization, the ability to “F our feelings” when necessary, and emotional control becomes second nature.

When mastering oneself, by definition, we find a solution to nearly *all* of life’s problems. By continually bettering ourselves in physical and mental realms, we elevate our state of being. We create a positive environment, not just for ourselves but for those around us. 
We understand that the world is a reflection of our own vibration, and by mastering ourselves, we contribute to a higher frequency of existence. We become beacons of inspiration, demonstrating that self-mastery is not a destination but an ongoing journey—one that leads to a life of purpose, fulfillment, and boundless potential.In the crucible of physical fitness and the pursuit of excellence, we discover the keys to unlocking the full spectrum of human capability. Self-mastery is not just a philosophy; it is the embodiment of our highest aspirations and the roadmap to a life well-lived.